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Tri call center can solve various consumer problems

The tri call center is very useful for smartphone users. This is because the call center can provide a way out of the various problems that consumers experience. Tri itself is one of the largest suppliers in Indonesia. Its users have spread to various corners in remote areas.

There are several things that are the advantages of this provider. One of its advantages lies in the price. Tri is well known as a provider that offers customers low prices. Low prices can be seen from different packages, from the internet to the phone. In doing so, consumers will be very pampered.

The logo is also a sample. Although some in the village still complain, the signal speed of this map in urban areas is quite rapid. If you are one of the users of the service provider, be sure to contact the call center when you encounter problems. In fact, there are many problems that CS can solve.

Difficulty using the official Tri app

The main problems that users definitely feel are related to the use of the official app. The program itself is called Bima+. The presence of such applications is very useful for users. It contains complete information from the card, from credit, online packages, to the active period of the card. In addition, user data is also available.

Bima+ also has many services that consumers can use. One of the most important services is credit. There will be a nominal option that can be purchased. Once they have chosen the nominal method, users can pay by a variety of means ranging from mbank to e-money.

In addition, it is also possible to perform replenishment quotas. The choice is also very perfect. Surprisingly, there are often promotions to the item that Bima+provides. Just like credit, you can pay with mbank and e-money. However, if the shares of credit are owned, the shares can also be paid off with the credit.

There are many other services on Bima+ like music apps. With so many of these services, you will definitely be at a disadvantage if you don’t use them. Therefore, difficulties must be solved when you do not understand how to use this application. The easiest way is to contact the tri call center.

When you contact the call center, just explain to the CS difficulties in using the Bima+ app that experienced. There, CS will explain the application in general. But after that, consumers can also ask questions related to perceived personal problems.

Typically, common problems with using the Bima+ app are divided into two. The first problem is in the form of difficulty approaching while the second problem is in the form of difficulties in buying packages. When you contact the tri call center, both problems will be solved by explaining in detail.

Difficulty registering

There are new rules on the use of SIM cards that have only been in place in recent years. The rules are in the form of card registration with personal data in the form of NIK and KK number. In fact, this registration method is very simple for all providers, including tri. If you want to register, there are two options available.

The first option is to go to the official website tri at the address When you enter the address, the customer will be immediately ordered to enter the trinumber you want to register. In addition, you will also be asked for a social security number and a KKK number. After that, you will be asked for the serial number of the cartoon.

To see the serial number, you need to look at the back of the SIM card. Enter the last number of the number that is there. Then check the column to prove you’re not a robot. Finally click submit and the registration is complete. In addition to new maps, this method can also be used to register an old card.

In addition to using the official website, you can also register by SMS to 4444. KK then sends it to 4444. Both methods are equally easy to adopt. But if you run into difficulties, you can contact the tri call center.

Difficulties usually occur when registration has been carried out, but there is a notification that the registration has failed. This usually happens because of two possibilities. First, your name has been logged on too many times, but secondly, it may be due to an error in the system. By contacting the call center, these problems become known.

If the problem is the same as in the first point, the tri call center will advise you to cancel the registration on another card first. However, if the problem relates to the system, the call center will help at that time so that the registration can be completed. This certainly makes it easier than having to come straight to the outlet.

There are many other complaints that can be reported

In addition to connecting to Bima+ and card registration, there are many other complaints that can be made at the call center. One of the most common problems is related to filling packages that do not come in. This can happen even if the pulse has been interrupted. Such problems are usually caused by system disruptions.

If there is no communication with the trisick, the call center may not know that the customer’s credit has been deducted. If this happens, the customer’s money will go to waste. When CS is contacted for this matter, some data will be required by CS.

The data refers to the top time to the number of units issued. Don’t let it be an error when CS asks for this information. ┬áThiscan make the problem unresolved and CS will advise you to establish the outlet. In addition, you can also contact the call center when you have any questions.

The question in question, of course, relates to the relationship between the customer and the supplier. No need to hesitate when calling just to ask a question. This is because the call center itself has been trained to answer such questions. This obviously benefits you as a customer.

By asking CS directly, the answer that gets is definitely the best answer. This will differ from searching for information on the Internet on your own. When you search for information yourself, the content is not necessarily valid. In addition, you must also have doubts about the truthfulness of the answer.

You can contact the call center usingthis method

When you contact the tri call center , there are several numbers to choose from. The first number is 132. This is a type of prepaid call that costs 300 rupees per call. If you object to the tax, you can call 0896-4400-0123.

This number usually uses a tariff, so it differs from 132. In fact, if you want to get free, customers can call 0899-9800-123. That’s just that, the number is only available on whatsapp. It fits perfectly with Indonesians who make whatsapp the main chat app.

Another option to contact him is to use social media. Tri himself is quite active on social media. There are official accounts on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All three can be contacted via direct message or use facebook messandnger.

Make sure you are optimal in using the existence of the call center. Do not be like most Indonesians who do not understand its use. In fact, these situations will harm you as a consumer. Problems that apply to suppliers will get more feedback when communicating with three call centers.

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