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Prudential call centre number  and product list

Before you find out the number of the  Prudential call center,  it’s time to learn more about this insurance company.   Prudence is a  company that provides financial services  and was founded in 1995. The company is actually from the UK and is more focused on its business in the field of life insurance  .

Since his work has spread around the world, the colors of the country warmly welcome his immediate presence.  Of course, this is because the company  has always been committed  to  providing its  services and  facilities  to consumers.   Also,  talk about the business license.

So there is nothing to worry about the Indonesian  people  if they want to participate in the program.   In particular, from the past so far, it turns out that this company has managed to dominate the market, because all its products are considered perfect.   Therefore, if you are wondering what the product looks like, you can contact the Prudential call center.

 List of prudential health insurance products

As a reliable insurance company operating in the country, of course,  this makes its facilities and products quite complete.   It also has some additional advantages  that it offers to keep its customers growing every time.   Here are some examples of products, including:

  1. PRUMED coverage, this product is one of the most popular in the field of health insurance   , because there are additional benefits.    This includes daily assistance if the premium owner needs to go to the hospital, undergo surgery, be treated in the room in the intensive care unit , etc.
  2. PrUMED includes Sharia, as the name implies, this program is given to those who do not want to be separated from Sharia according to the Islamic religion.    This is where participants receive additional benefits in addition to the previous product when they   need to be hospitalized.
  3. PRUprime health care, if you want to learn more about this product, can be requested directly  to the Prudential call center.  This is where you get guaranteed protection against bills charged from the hospital and care at the  discretion of the participants  .
  4. Syariah healthcare PRUprime, the same as the previous method, because this product includes an insurance program based  on the provisions of the  Islamic religion  .   It is suitable for those who seek  health protection without ignoring the  applicable Sharia.
  5. PRU hospital and  plush surgical coverage, this product is what  everyone loves the most because there are additional benefits.   This benefit is  obtained based on the plan chosen by the owner of the premium. So, prudence does not entail the full cost of treatment in a clinic or hospital  .

Benefits of buying prudential health insurance premiums

All previously mentioned products can be obtained  directly  from the Prudential call center  for more information.   In this way  , you will know what are the benefits and advantages of buying health insurance premiums owned by the company Prudential . Below are some of the benefits of being part of it, including:

  1. Together with Prudence, they can all get additional benefits as needed at an affordable premium cost. Not only that, all clients are always fully supported by the agent professionally  when they need help.   So that you do not feel alone .
  2. Owning a prudential insurance premium  can also make you feel more secure  as it   can be used as a  long-term   Where the value of money is actually much greater than what you saved through the bank  .    In addition to its greater value,  it also has its advantages.
  3. You can also get the opportunity to  earn points, which you can later exchange  for Prudence prizes  .   It is safer to contact the Prudential call center and ask about it directly.   So you feel more fortunate.
  4. Compared to health insurance, in general, the claiming process here is  relatively quick and easy.   In addition, the agent can directly assist in the claim process  by only completing the completeness of the data.   Thus, you can save  more energy  for the demand process.
  5. Not only that, when you make a premium online purchase, you will receive the policy fee more efficiently than offline. Because distribution costs and infrastructure are reduced here, so the premium is also cheaper.

Conditions for applying for insurance and how to apply for it

Once you  understand the product and its benefits, it’s time  to know how to claim  your insurance based on your overall needs  .   Next, you will learn how to claim it so that the  benefits are more complete.   In general,  this information  can be obtained directly from the  Prudential Call Center.

However, other participants can claim a premium  if they are at least between 1 month and 65 years of age.   Meanwhile, the maximum age specifically for  this insurance coverage  can reach 75 years up to the age of the participants  , based on the actual  birthday of the participant.

The insured age amount  b  is also added  for additional basic protection, but with the requirement to select up to 1 package.   You can submit  the rest easily and quickly using the following different methods:

  1. This guarantee can be claimed by contacting the medical service before going to the hospital. Hot thing should be no more than 2×24 hours.   In addition, participants must clear the officer for 24 hours, and  also  show the  insured
  2. In the meantime, if you want to make a refund claim, you should fill out the available claim form in full.   Do not forget to include a certificate from the doctor, as well as a medical resume  . Therefore, in order to apply, it is necessary to fill in all payment receipts,  their data and examination copies.
  3. In the case of the non-hospital claim procedure, this can be done by filling out the form directly in accordance with the original regulations. It must include an identity card and proof that you are the beneficiary of the insurance. So   everything has to be finished.

Contact a prudential call centre

In reality, anyone can easily contact prudential  insurance, including potential customers, insureds, or even policyholders . This includes the attributes that this company trusts.   That’s why the media has offered a lot   .

This is to make it easy for consumers to contact them on insurance matters.   Starting from fees, buying complaints  or just asking questions.   Public  channels to connect with can be done through anything.

One of them is through the phone number of the  Prudential call center .  If you can contact him directly through 1500085 or visit his head office directly to ask questions  about additives and things in the Jakarta area   .

Customer support is  always available every day except Sunday.   Of course, the length of service varies.   If you are calling from Monday to Friday, then call from 8 am to 4 pm.   On Saturdays  , you can get in touch from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Through this service,  you can ask various frequently asked questions about Prudential Health Insurance  during business hours.   But be sure to submit a full ID if you want to ask about your policy.   So that the answers given by  the  Prudential call center  are more accurate

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