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If you have any questions, please call the BPJS Kesehatan call center number

People must be insured in order to be protected for one-day health, so having a BPJS Kesehatan call center number is essential at present. Indonesia has many government programs that are useful for the welfare of the people, especially in the health sector

The Social Security Bureau BPJS is directly subordinate to the government and uses health insurance to help protect the welfare of Indonesians. Although today’s aid BPJS is also a health Indonesia card or commonly known as JKN-KIS.

It is also aid, and public health expenses can help the country with a card. For more information, call 1500 400 for the customer service centre number BPJS Keseatan.

Since the number is unknown, you can ask to register the Indonesian card. You can ask to prepare He Wen in advance so that you can register. He also asked for the name of the person and paid the health Indonesia card.


To register as one of the card-in-law members, the village’s incapacity certificate is required. This book is therefore card one also. But try the BPJS call center number to get a clearer letter and go straight to the source

If you are in demand, you can go to the BPJS office for disciplinary action. Later, get a health card so that you can use it when you are sick. However, please remember that this aid is incapacitated and must be assisted by officials.

In addition to the fund, Indonesia’s merits have been directly protected by the government and work with the work of the king. With this card, there is no fee for work sickness. You can come to the hospital for treatment, if you are confused, you can get the BPJS Kesehatan call center number

KangIndonesia card takes the company, and receives the interest of the employee wage earner. Therefore, if the company has health insurance, the card can be obtained to the company through the predetermined procedure.

If you don’t know, it is BPJS health customer service non-company also. If the card is in the BPJS Kesehatan supervision welfare scheme, the information must be BPJS Kesehatan call center number

BPJS Kesehatan customer service is always available

For more information on the registration process and other matters, please visit the BPJS office on the website . However, if it is valid for letters, you can dial 1500 400 according to the telephone operator’s network rate

BPJS Kesehatan Call Center Number is already a large operator, and it is advisable for the operator to interview the participant Kangdong card owner. Step-safe, to customer service day 24 less preparation, so you can get time. This effect is also the best thing BPJS can do

The regular service number is for the interest of the government’s health calculation, the interest of the payment bill amount, the number of medical consulting services is changed, and the inherent question (if any) v. There is an operator at any time, bothered by undecided, which is easy for Ziyi.

When the person who should pay attention to the BPJS Kesehatan call center number, you must already have the number of personal information, which will be applied later. At least KTPKK number, full name and date of birth must be checked. Zigu can prepare this, with its ID card also

BPJS Kesehatan is also a general Indonesian citizen

BPJS people, supervise the home, so that there is no cure. With where BPJS is, the plan is structured to have a supervisor to Indonesia insurance.

Therefore, the BPJS Kesehatan call center number is stored, and the 24-hour day is moving, indicating the sincerity of BPJS Kesehatan for Indonesia. BPJS’s vision, the beauty of non-discrimination, will ultimately help poor communities

If the owner of the Health Indonesia Card is combined with BPJS Keseatan as a medical institution, the free medical fee can also be obtained. If you should pay attention to it, use the card in partner hospitals and health centers with BPJS Kesehatan.

Otherwise, Jun will receive the correct doctor and will not be subject to the health card. If you want to know the medical institution, you can use the BPJS Kesehatan call center number to get more information about the nearest medical institution

If you see that the hospital and puskesmas have cooperated, you can’t get the Indonesian card. Customer service can be a word of complaint to the country of Indonesia/the rule of law according to the binding country.

Only use the Health Indonesia card

Kang Qiangxin is a matter of the day, and there are people in Indonesia. If the disease worsens, the treatment is too expensive. Anyone who uses a health card must use it.

Ordinary people can use this card in vain, and the right to use it is in their hands, depending on what it takes to use the Indonesian card. First use the BPJS Keseatan call center number to consult your health status to make the most of the card

Do not think that Ru has a card, so Ru can use it when you don’t need it. This will descend people really need the card of health Indonesia card also. There is no way to be meticulous for the people, and there is something for the people.

The protection of the card, those who have it, will use it wisely. In fact, you can also use this card for large medical expenses such as surgery, so please use the health card. You can also ask BPJS Kesehatan call center number first


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