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How to  complain about criticism advice


If you have any problems, criticisms or suggestions, complaining to the KFC call center is  the best path that can be taken. In particular, we ourselves know that this food restaurant from the United States, although it is known for being very experienced, but it cannot be perfect. Sometimes consumers find that the service or food is not optimal.


Of course, not all outlets have similar problems, but only a few stand. It may be due only to opening or misunderstanding between consumers and waiters there. Therefore, a good complaint must be made, especially because this restaurant is known for being good and can accept criticism and suggestions.


A brief idea of the origin of KFC


Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for having a long history, so the experience of serving various foods doesn’t have to be complained to the KFC call center at all. Especially if we compare it with other restaurants or fast food franchises, surely most of them are still number one even in Indonesia.


Fast Food is originally from the city of Kentucky as the name implies, where it was first discovered and founded directly by Colonel Harland Sanders. The story is already very famous because previously he was just a frayed chicken seller and did not have much profit, so he was under strong pressure until depression.


But this began to change when, in 1930, he began making fried chicken in Corbin, and it turned out to be very sympathetic to people. Then in 1939, Sanders made his own fried chicken recipe because it used many interesting types of spices plus he had his own way of preserving the processed flavor.


This is what led Sanders to later receive an award in the form of a colonel in Kentucky from the local governor. The creation of the franchise occurred in 1955 where Sanders previously traveled from America to Canada offering his wares. No wonder after many investors are interested in investing in Sanders’ business.


In 1978, the KFC National Training Center was opened after a major investment from entrepreneurs such as Jack Massey and John Brown Jr. Unfortunately, 2 years later, in 1980, Harland Sanders died, so it became deep sad news, especially since the development of his hard work was in a big way at the time.


Advantages of KFCin terms of products and services


If you look at its long history, it is no wonder that this franchise is endowed with many advantages, one of which is the easy-to-find outlets. Now we can’t just find an outlet in a big city. But in each big city, it must have many more outlets so that the distribution will be fairly even.


We can see examples in large cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or Semarang. In a big city, there are many buffer cities where each of them must have a KFC restaurant. So you don’t have to go all the way to the city or provincial center because it’s more affordable from home.


Especially now that the delivery service can be used quickly and cheaply without any problems at all. You can call 14022 directly, and if you don’t know the menu, you can ask the employee who picks up the phone. Please note that the service number for delivery and customer service are not the same.


For all these outlets, they are also equipped with the best facilities, so that sometimes people who complain about the KFC call center are there, but it doesn’t matter. Usually complaints of problems are in the form of service from employees or lack of food on their own. But if other facilities such as eateries or playgrounds are very optimal.


You can use the room in the restaurant to the maximum because the arrangement is comfortable because most outlets are quite spacious. In addition, when it comes to cleanliness, it must be very preferable, especially by employees with cleaning tasks. They have been well trained so that they have experience in maintaining the cleanliness of each restaurant gap according to sop.


Another advantage is that it is now not only used for stopovers, but can be used as a place for coffee. This happened due to the emergence of the newest restaurant, KFC Coffee, where it looks like cafes in general. You can find a room with a minibar that is very comfortable.


How to complain to KFC Call Center if it is a problem


Any company or restaurant will definitely receive input or suggestions and even complaints from its customers, including KFC. But even if it contains criticism and complaints, we should not arbitrarily give it. There is a separate adab in giving complaints, one of which is that all complaints and suggestions must be consistent with the facts.


If you don’t know about the facts of what will be criticized, then contact or complain to the KFC call center first. You can call the phone number of their customer service, which is 08071677777. If you feel that you have contacted, but it turns out to be busy, you can send a complaint by email only .


You can ask about the service or food results if it is not satisfactory. But you need to find the best time to do this, especially if the complaints are quite large. However, for general type complaints can be done as usual but will have to be patient in calling CS or receiving their email responses.


 Complaining to the KFC call center can also be done via their main website directly. There will be different columns in the form of data that need to be filled in along with which customer comments. You can fill in all these fields with your own opinion, do not fill in because you hear news from others.


Moreover, if you have received a response from the enterprise administrator, then, of course, it must be received correctly. His name gives criticism or complaints must definitely be ready to carry out the advice given. This advice is generally in the form of positive feedback, so that it benefits consumers and businesses. So, moreover, neither party is harmed, but rather everything is profitable.


Alternative criticism other than complaining to the KFC Call Center


If you are unsuccessful in filing a complaint using a phone number and an email, you can try it through their social media sites like Twitter on @KFCINDONESIA and Instagram @kfcindonesia. Because of the delivery through social media, you need to know how to deliver it properly. The social media repository in particular is hoaxes and various fake news.


Of course, if you give advice or complain, but actually a hoax, there can be criminal consequences. When complaining to the KFC call center, try not to use provocative language. This language is in the nature of pressing on a particular event or condition, if the company considers it unfavorable, the response can be fatal for the whistleblower.


In addition, it is also mandatory to understand what problems will be criticized or complained about. Moreover, criticism through social media must be in the form of facts, if it is in the form of an opinion, it will be considered a hoax. Moreover, the content is negative, which is harmful to one of the parties between the consumer and the restaurant.


Therefore, complaints to the previous KFC call center need to be thought over and over again first. Think about what the good and bad effects will be if you criticize one of the things in the restaurant. If it has good intentions, it must be sent immediately for the common good.


Maintaining courtesy and courtesy in the language will be the last key to conveying opinions, criticism, or suggestions through social media. Furthermore, we come from Indonesia where both qualities or characteristics must always be possessed. Even if you understand that criticism does not violate the law, but the delivery should not be contrary to the law.


We already know how the advantages of this restaurant famous for its flour-fried chicken products. If you find poor service or poorly tasted food, you can immediately send criticism and suggestions. If you are going to complain to the call center, KFC must still maintain dignity.

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