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Bosse Professional Audio Equipment Service Repair Solution

Bosse Service Center is bose Corporat’s effortto provide    optimal service   to users and consumers of this product from the United States. Bosse is known as a company that makes various audio systems, whether for personal use such as headphones or professional audio requirements, and strongly   protects its rights.

Since its inn beginning in 1964 by Amar Bosse, this brand has become very popular in the world of international audio  technology. The various products have their own patents and trademarks known as quality and reliable products, whether for personal or professional use.

Bosse products are manufactured in the USA, Mexico, China and Malaysia. Since 2007, not only audio devices such as loudspeakers, headsets or loudspeakers have been made, but also audio systems have been provided to a number of automobile manufacturers around the world.

To ensure the convenience of users of its products, Bosse service centers are open overseas and can be accessed both offline and online.  You can request services for people with problems, or simply ask for different Bosse products through a website or call center.

You can request repairs by using the unique number of each Bosse device. Each of them has a location code plus a serial number as an identifier and a sign that the product is an original product. This serial number is very important as ID to perform the service.

Identifying serial number of boss products

Each Bosse product manufacturer comes with a unique number of serial number or 4-digit code implied in the original product or packaging. This unique number is usually easily located at the bottom or back of the product. This serial number is listed next to barcode for some products.

A code consisting of 17 digits for most products or 4 digits of the product in headphone products. Serial numbers can only consist of numbers or can be added to the letters so they can become combinations. This serial number is used when accessing Bosse Service Services.

This serial number ensures the authenticity of the goods you buy and makes it easier to connect with Bosse connect, music, sleep and hear applications. By connecting your audio device to these apps, you can also learn the serial number if you haven’t seen it.

Go to App – Settings – Product Information and you’ll see a series for the device you have. If you know the unique device series, it’s easy if you want to report services to the service center. The unique series can also be distinguished from the device’s manual and warranty book.

If  you still haven’t found your device’s unique serial number,  please  contact bosse Service Center.   The administrator helps verify the serial number. You just need to contact us and provide information about the device, then the product will be tested directly.

Bosse Audio Products Repair Service

Any item used is certainly damaged at all times, although the product comes from a well-known brand and has a long life service, but it does not rule out the possibility of harm that occurs. It also applies to Bosse audio devices, especially if they are not properly maintained.

In case of equipment damage problems, it is best to seek the help of an authorized service, as repairs are guaranteed to be carried out safely and with a warranty. If you want to use the audio equipment repair service,  you  can contact the B ose service center.

If you don’t want to be busy with the service location, you can use online services by accessing the website or by contacting the nearest contact service center. If  you want to use  offline or online services, you must  first enter the unique number of devices (serial number).

However, you can’t sit and rest, even if you don’t know the unique number of devices, you can ask the service team to check it out. If you arrive directly to the service center, verification is done by checking the device directly, but if it is done online, you can send pictures or videos of the device you have.

Product repair services can only be provided for the original product. So, if the serial number cannot be found, it means the device cannot prove that the device cannot be carried out at the service centre. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the product is completely real when purchased.

Start a repair service for new products

If you wish to request product repairs directly to the Bose Service Center, you will need  to take the device to the  Service Center. Then the technician looks at the serial number. Next, if passed the serial number test immediately, it will be processed immediately at the desk registration desk. The team then looks at the damage to the device.

The injury test usually takes 1×24 hours. Once the damage is known, you will receive information about the  damage and how to repair it. In addition, it has also been informed of repair costs that must be born by  consumers if they are not in warranty. After the consumer has agreed to the costs, repairs will be carried out.

Repairs can take up to 7 business days, depending on the difficulty of repairs. The consumer will be contacted after repairs to collect goods. For a minimum warranty of 1 week to 3 months, depending on the repaired part.

When you  request repairs at the  Bosse Online Service Center. This can be done through the website or contact the hotline. Then fill out the product for the technician’s reservation by entering the full name and address, as well as the contact number that can be displayed. Enter the serial number or 4-digit unique device code.

Next, the administrator checks and sets a time for the technician’s visit.  Then all you have to do is wait for the technical team to come for review. After the inspection,  let you know   about the damage that the device has suffered, as well as about repairs and costs. If it is still within the warranty period, then the fee is free.

Distribution of various audio products and accessories

In addition to repairing services and searching for serial numbers, the Bosse Service Center also  provides services for consumers who want to know the latest and old products.   This allows consumers to learn about the latest Bosse product before deciding to buy.

Not only that, you  can also buy a variety of original products and accessories directly or online.  Buying accessories can be adapted to the device you have directly at the point of sale, as well as service or access to the official Bosse website and store.

There is a wide range of speakers, audio sunglasses, home theaters, headphones and health products.  You can see the full product specifications and watch the demo through the video demo.   All devices are original products and can be used and connected to the appropriate application.

The official warranty ensures that you get the best product, and if you have any problems during warranty, you can immediately make a claim at the help center. The availability of parts of space also guarantees that your device can be  used for a long time to come. So it’s not the kind of device that gets thrown away after injury.

For complete information about the product and the use of parts of space,  you can check directly on website or contact the nearest service center. To make it easier, you can have an account on the official website so you can get the latest information and the best promo.

Various Bosse audio devices have good capabilities, but don’t exclude the possibility of damage. If  your device is damaged , make sure the device has a serial number. Then you can go directly to the Bosse Service Center or use  online services.

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