Sisingaan is often used as a reference to a specific cultural event : Lorongku

 West Javanese art  is as unusual as  a characteristic of customs

The existence of  West Javanese art has long been a leader in the potential of a region since it was not remembered.  A wide variety of regional  artefacts that were subsized by  ancestors, have been preserved to this day.  The culture of the area was inherently  counterintuitive  and familiar to  the larger  civilized community  .

All regions in Indonesia must have their  own  cultures and customs and show how   self-identification  .  And all members of the community’s material participate so that the various innate arts remain constant throughout all time.  Unless it  is done for the preservation of local culture, of course,  it  can be used to attract   tourists.

Of course visitors who visit this region, are not strangers  to  a variety of different exhibits.   Public entertainment   is  still kept to honour the ritual so  that it will no longer disappear.  Since  the settlement is so large,  it is not surprising that the development of this culture can be self-recognized by  the community.

A lot of people are interested in knowing  more about  West Javanese  art because it has its own thing.   Once the culture of localities  is studied,  you should  be more respectful of  the existence of  volatile rituals.   Then  the following art list artists  should be used  as  a reference to see the cultural perspective.

 Wayang Golek Art Custom  Becomes  a Public Entertainment

In the past, of course,  there was no high-level technology in the lives of  Indonesians.    In trying to  get fun,  it’s not surprising that a variety of shows of different genres always present the art of the region.  A variety of tools can be used and used  as well as possible to appeal to the appeal of  the public.

It is still created and performed by hand in a variety of  art media formats to capture it  . One type of entertainment was at that time mostly used by puppet media and she told stories.    Various stories are also told based on  legends in which  cultural ancestors  have declined and have  declined since  generations.

Aside from using storytellers and legends to bring them into the show, it also turns out there’s a lot of comedy.  This West Javanese art  is often applied so that residents can  enjoy  comedy.   Ever since,  a comedy has often been developed to be a laughing invitation to   the entire audience.

Wayang Golek, which is in fact a common art form, has a style resembling   a small human  individual.  Butsa of course, the style used in wayang golek is made according to its character to be very  different during its structure. This is also used to make it easier for viewers to  learn about everyone in  the puppet.

Any  puppeteer who controls the wayang golek, must have  their own   features associated with the proposal.   So far, some puppeteers have a higher popularity if they are able to attract traction during the course of a pattern. Because there is still a style of art in this today, Golek wayang will always be desirable.

Sisingaan is often used as a reference to a specific cultural event

Continuing the discussion of other Western Javanese artists , it turns out that each event has a unique exhibition as it is customary. Apart from visual ambition, it turned out to be a variety of artists to preserve the culture in the community. Along with the development of current art, it certainly has the potential to provide its own feel while enjoying the performance.

At this point, a sisingaan will be explained in detail and he too is notable at all times. Sisingaan is found in some events with the intention of paddling someone else. Residents, who are holding a celebration,   will  hold a turning point commemorating   a moment of their lifetime.

This sising is usually donen when the boy is going through the period of  circumcision  or circumcision and is celebrated quickly.   Circumcision is done once during  a lifetime, so  many residents want to have a special ceremony for their children.  The traditional form of this event is often done  by creating a convoy of vehicles that are  lion-stretched.

During the fleet mission of the West Javanese sculpture, the baby will be lifted by  an artificial lion.   Later,  the children at the celebration ceremony will be rounded up around the nearby  areas  where they live.  This is also meant to make residents aware that the child has  undergone circumcision.

Until now, the  ritual of sisinganing is  still being held to commemorate the once-deceased moment  of a baby.    You can also participate in cultural preserves after planned  celebrations have been carried out.   Thus,   as long as the culture is long in  the form  of this sisingan it will never fade into public life.

Angklung Music Art One of the Regional Instruments

Given  the growth  of  the times as defined in the timeline,  it  is that  regional models of activity   are available in  different forms.   In the previous discussion, you started  to  learn about wayang Golek and sisingaan for example.   But at this time,  the  art  of music is also  highly associated with West Javanese art culture.

The music is always created so that  the residents of their lives can enjoy the   song  as a form of entertainment.  Various  musical instruments will be danced   simultaneously to make a beautiful sound to enjoy  .   Many people  think that life without music feels like there is no  beautiful color to decorate.

When you know music in the West Java region, of course, of course you know  angklung.   This type of instrument always appears in the entertainment of citizens to become musicians.  Typically, angklung is found in  gamelan to create a unique sound as  a music decorator.

Angklung is made of bamboo which  is arranged in a similar way to be able to make sound when shaking.   To play   this  West Javanese art tool, it only requires a hand and  it’s quickly moved on.    In general,  the players of the angklung instrument consist   of  a crowd of people at a time  just to make different sounds.

Because angklung is a  musical instrument, it means that the instrument has the tone shape  when played correctly.   You can  learn  angklung and bring it to  modern musical instruments because it has a different sound.    In other words, angklung has always been able to be preserved into music even in modern times.

Horse Lumping as Tradition and show favorite

As for the amusement of other people, of course, it cannot be distinguished from the existence of gambling horses because of their popularity. Essentially, a losing horse is a dance which has its own form to the performance style. From now on, this kind of entertainment has always been sought after and is still being demanded by the public.

The West Javanese art dance  called “kuda lumping” consists of many things that once present entertainment. Starting as a dancer and music player, she has her own role in making the alloy interesting. One of this custom’s own rituals is in the extreme settings that sport makes.

In the first instance the dancer will perform a special ritual that is the opening of the event since the music began. As the dancer gets ready, he begins his movement by riding a horse made of a special vessel. In a few minutes, the dancer has been experiencing it as an asset, and will perform in dangerous scenes that are important to the show.

The helpers usually start giving them glasses and nallo so that they can eat these games while they possess them. Although the scene is very serious, the athlete in particular will not suffer the slightest injury while on the scene. In fact, intellectually, it must potentially pose a threat to the dancer’s body when they hold these assets together.

According to local indigenous beliefs, the science of invulnerability is learned by dancers and finds strength when they possess it. Despite this, jumped horses are still popular and able to entertain the masses.  That way,  the  heritage tradition  of  West Javanese art from ancestors will never be lost.

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