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Check West Java KK Number with internet help


When administrative files are tended and there is insufficient personal information, you need to check the West Java online family card  via  the Internet; especially if you are away from home and holding only an ID card, it is very difficult to get in touch at home first.

Currently, there is a great need for KK number information in various organizations, so the existence of a family card (KK) is really important. So for those of you who don’t have this card, registration should be taken care of at this time, because it will later be needed for a variety of needs.

The existence of a family card often interferes not only with relationships with government offices but also for financial institutions, without the KK, because the number mentioned in it indicates identity for both family and members.

Making a family card is not only available at the Ducaples office but also online services.Nearly all government management services during the epidemic You can also use it for data switching services and the missing KK report.

However, in each region, you can rely on online services opened by each urban registry office. Before further analysis of this online service, you need to know what the importance of KK and various other information is. Let’s take a look at the following statement:

Citizens’ Right to Have a Family Card

Nevertheless, unlike a personal card belonging to a person, many people have a KKK It contains information about each family member, for example, father, son, grandparents, and grandparents.

The family card is not only owned by the family leader but includes a description of family planning and the family’s head is in the first program no. It has each member recorded so that KK can be used to supplement administrative needs.

Verifying the current West Java KKK number can be done at any time in an easy way. The Internet can be used as a source of a wide range of information, only through search engines, and the desired information will be available.

To make a family card, you must prepare a cover letter from RW’s signed RT, a marriage book or marriage certificate, and other supporting certificates, as well as several requirements. the production process can be done by visiting the Ducaples office or doing it online.

Data creation and information services are not only accessible to online services. Checking the West Java KKK number is the local registration service site It’s also a feature of online services. Consider that not everyone can remember the number, especially if it’s only used at any time.

The importance of family cards in administrative files

Checking KK Online West Java can only be done by people who already have it; this certificate can be used for a variety of administrative requirements, so having the KKK is compulsory for all Indonesians.

  1. Need for the process of making an ID card

Data for making personal cards will be taken from the KKK, as it already lists NIK and other important information. Meanwhile, additional information will be available during the process of making an ID card.


  1. You need to open a savings account

When you want to open a savings account, you must also include the KK, which applies to all national banks, and if you do not participate, the registry submitted will be rejected because there are not enough conditions.


  1. Birth Certificate Neededed

A birth certificate or birth certificate is important as a child’s identity before age when the child can get an ID card.In the process of making a contract, Kay K is very necessary as parental information that will become the basis for making a contract later; if there is no family card, it will hamper the process of making a birth certificate.


  1. Requirement for credit application

Applications for home and electronic goods loans also require a family card so that the data provided is entirely valid so that the credit application can be approved.


  1. Needed for Passport Production

You need a passport to go abroad, and the process of making a passport requires including a birth certificate, family card, and an ID card or diploma. You  can check the West Java KK number to forget the online creation and KK number.

Don’t have a KK, you can do it online

If you don’t already have a KK, you don’t have to worry because you can do it online, especially for couples who are newly married In the future, we must take immediate care of ourselves so that we do not have difficulty in the future because we need this family planning, since we now care for a variety of issues.

  1. First ask for a cover letter to RT, make sure the letter is also signed by RW.
  2. Request a form of registration in the village by including an RT cover letter and filling out the form altogether.
  3. Fill in and then take a picture of the form and request the village the official ducapel number for the online registration application.
  4. Then wait for the manufacturing process and declare it perfect and then check the West Java Online KK .

Another method is to register on the official website of the West Java Civil Registry Office. Register when registered. Each apil has some registration time and quota limits. After filling in the form, attach a photo with a marriage certificate and an RT cover letter.

Easy ways to check KK Online West Java

Sometimes you need information about your family card number in a tough time and in a short period of time, for example, when you register online, and you don’t have to panic when you are in such a situation. Because there are so many ways to help you get over it instantly, especially if you have a cell phone with Internet access, everything will be easy.

As a technology product, the Internet can make you feel better, and one of them is an easy way to check a West Java online family card .  Do this without bothering to go home or contact people.

  1. Number +6281-800-537-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-337-333 7-337-337-337-39 is available via WA. Use the form name-nick (available in KTP-phone-no. problem).
  2. Use the 24-hour help service from electronic mail to the address: content containing anonymity, according to the local card Use personal information on your cards and other ID cards. Fill in the content of the email with a request for family card number information.
  3. Through the Interior Ministry website, search for the family card number, then enter the main population number, and wait a while before the necessary information appears.
  4. After creating an account on the domestic registration online service website, you will access the demographic data search service and find the necessary inf ormation.
  5. Use your social media account to visit the Fb page of DuCaples’ director general or @ccdukcapil (Twitter), then send a DM to the administration in light of the current problem.

As a citizen, every Indonesian and foreign citizen must have a family card. Simply put, the West Java Online KKK can be checked with the help of the Internet.

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