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West Javanese Nasi Uduk   Recipe ak asyèt konplemantè li yo

Currently, there are many variants of west Javanese Nasi uduk recipes that you can  choose from. But of course there is only one original recipe that won’t be without time. Of course, this one recipe is what you have to  try because it has typical legendary flavors of ancestors of the past Sundanese tribe.

Nasi uduk is one of the typical West Javanese dishes that you can  easily find. Now there are many typical Sundanese restaurants that provide it for you. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to make this one menu at their respective homes.

But making this rice uduk require patience. There are many steps that you must  follow carefully to get a delicious taste of uduk nasi. But take it easy because here we will discuss it in detail for you.

Nasi Uduk regarded as a large flat in West Java

Actually, Nasi uduk is part of the West Javanese tradition. Therefore, not everyone can understand this western Javanese Nasi recipe well. Only a few people understand him well.

In West Java itself, this usually uduk nasi serves in various sacred events such as weddings, circumcision, house of thanks, inauguration of buildings, and so on. There are usually many people involved in making this rice udk by themselves.

Of course, the parties made them too big a lot. But if you do it for your own consumption, the method isn’t too difficult. On this occasion, we’ll discuss how to fill it, complete with complementary menu variants that are usually served in It.Arbitrary? Check out the explanation carefully!

How to Make a Typical West Javanese Nasi Uduk Recipe

To make this nasi uduk, of course, the first thing you have to  prepare is the ingredients. Also make sure that the ingredients used are clean and hygiene. Right off the bat, here’s the explanation.

the necessary ingredients

  1. 300 grams of self
  2. Kokoye lèt 450 ml
  3. 2 pieces leaves gently donated
  4. 2 Hazards
  5. 2 foot lemon camouflage
  6. 2 kannèl
  7. 1 teaspoon peppercorns
  8. 1 teaspoon salt

Ways to Manufacture

If you have prepared all these ingredients  , we can immediately proceed to the stage to make  this recipe Nasi uduk. Aim to follow the steps below in order.

  1. Wash the rice well. Also wash other materials that will be used in the manufacturing process
  2. Boil the coconut milk that you have prepared in advance.
  3. Stir everything until fully distributed. Keep stirring until the combination of seasoning and seasoning boils.
  4. Put your rice washed  before entering the coconut milk and spice being boiled.
  5. Continue to steam until the rice is cooked and gets rice.
  6. Once cooked, served in a well-formed container

To add flavor, you can also empty fried onions, sliced red seeded and cucumber on the rice top. In addition to making it look beautiful, it will increase your appetite.

This process makes nasi uduk that you can  follow. It may seem unlikely, but often the preparation of  this typical West Javanese Nasi recipe fails if it doesn’t follow the predetermined steps. So be sure to be careful in performing these steps.

Tips ymust do when  questioned by Nasi Uduk

There are some tips that you can  make when you want to make this nasi uduk recipe. In the first, make sure to choose quality rice. Rice that doesn’t qualify often doesn’t make the season you put dipped into it.

Not only that, but also make sure to pick thick coconut milk. The selection of this thick coconut milk will make the flavor of the West Javanese Nasi uduk recipe that you make more soap and delicious. But instead, if you choose dily coconut milk, of course the flavor that appears won’t be too savory.

The aroma that also appears won’t be fake.  Kamu can choose square coconut milk from real coconut grated. Don’t pick coconut milk ready-made at the store. The quality is sometimes what you imagine . There are usually many coconut suppliers in the market that provide free coconuts like this.

Nasi Uduk’s complementary menu in West Java

This West Javanese nasi uduk recipe will certainly not be perfect if you don’t fill it with complementary dishes. There are a lot of complementary menus in nasi uduk that you can  choose from at this time.

  1. Free poul


  1. Chicken 1 head, chopped to taste
  2. Vegetable Oil 3 Large Tablespoons
  3. Kokoye dlo 500 ml
  4. Bay Leaf 2 Pieces
  5. Orange Leaves 2 Pieces
  6. Camouflage galang for flavor


  1. shallot 8 pills
  2. lay 4 galik
  3. weight seeds 4
  4. pepper aggregates 1/4 teaspoon
  5. Jenjanm 1 cm
  6. old 3 cm
  7. brown sugar 20 grams
  8. Single 2 small tablespoons

Manufacturing Methods:

After preparing these ingredients, then you just need to perform the following steps to make a complement to this West Javanese nasi uduk recipe as follows:

  1. Low paul
  2. Pie all spices, sauté until it gives the fragrance.
  3. Enter leaves, galangal, orange leaves and lemon. Stir until fully distributed.
  4. Place the chicken pre-clean, stir and herbs
  5. Pour coconut water, cover the pot and let the spice in it bit.
  6. Wait until the chicken pieces become tender.
  7. Remove and pour.
  8. Heat the oil, fry the chicken that is carried until it is whipandlattane.
  9. Drain, or put it out on rice precautions.
  10. Oreg Tempeh


  1. Temple 1 table, slices matched
  2. Red Pepper 1 Piece, Thin Sliced
  3. Curly Thrill 4 Piece, Chop Required
  4. Kamouflag galang 2 cm long
  5. 2 cm nan jenjanm kamouflag
  6. Young Bay Leaves 1 Piece Only
  7. Fresh Orange Leaf 3 Pieces
  8. Brown sugar formed 3 large tablespoons, can also be replaced with sweet soy sauce
  9. Shallot 5 grains, sliced quite thin
  10. Garlic 3 closed, thin sliced
  11. Tamarind dlo 1/2 sendok repa
  12. Salt Flavors
  13. Cooking oil to taste

How to do:

  1.  After preparing the above ingredients  , now we can continue in the process of making a complementary dish in  this West Javanese Nasi recipe. Follow the steps below.
  2. Fry the temperament that you’ve  sliced to dry. The degree of sex can be adjusted to each taste. Remove and then pour.
  3. Sauté the onion sliced until it emits a fragrance center. Then put other spices such as chilli, orange leaves, bay leaves and galangal. Pour with a small amount of water.
  4. Then put tamarind water and brown sugar. Finally put the salt. Cook until boiled, taste correction.
  5. Put the dry temperament in it. Stir until caramel and spice feel good. Remove and serve.

The combination of Nasi udk and its complementary dishes will certainly make the family at home much more enthusiastic in food. Don’t forget to also serve the appropriate sambal uduk for the family. To avoid errors, be sure to follow the steps in making this West Javanese recipe Nasi uduk in order.

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