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Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung Jawa Barat en tours in de buurt

Jalan Asia Africa Braga, the city of Bandung, West Java , should be familiar to those of you who often visit the capital of West Java. If we talk about Bandung, it is certainly inextricably linked to the word Asia-Africa, where the city turns out to have its own history, which is quite interesting to know.

It turns out that Bandung was also called the capital of Asia-Africa because of the time of the High-Level Conference which was attended in 1955 by 29 countries from Asia and Africa. Indonesia was thus one of the pioneer countries of the Asia-African Conference at the time with the aim of strengthening the armed forces between Asian-African countries and a way to combat Western colonialism.

At the conference, it emerged that the representative from India had said with jawaharlal Nehru that Bandung is the capital of Asia-Africa. Actually, this is just an ordinary perimeter but has been given a place in the hearts of the people of Bandung until this moment. No wonder until recently there were museums and streets called Asia-Africa. Well, it turns out that on the Asia Africa street bandung there are many interesting things that can be visited as follows.

Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung Jawa Barat Ada Alun Alun

Traveling in Bandung and on Jalan Asia Africa Braga Bandung City many try to visit the square. Actually, it is known if every city or province has a square.  You can enjoy a sunny morning on the square as a rather pleasant moment.

On this square you can  also take pictures as one of the mementos of the City of Flowers  that offers a lot of fun for tourists. Actually Bandung Square Itself is more dominant with a piece of green field, but it is very clean and also looks a very beautiful large mosque, so it is very cool to be the background for the photo.

It doesn’t stop there, but you can also enjoy a variety of snacks near  Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung, West Java, Bandung City Square. Usually this should be done by visitors to the City of Flowers when they are on holiday for a few days.

Perhaps some of you always think that there is nothing special about the square of each area. Even though the square always contains historical stories that are very important for the history of the city. Therefore, when it comes to the City of Flowers, you should try to visit the square to feel like the people of Bandung for a while.

Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung West Java

From bandung square there is also a walk to Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Bandung City.  It only takes 5 minutes from the square, it turns out that you can come to the favorite place of tourists if they are in the flower city. For those of you who have never come to this location, you may feel confused about what’s really interesting about the place.

Actually,  Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung, West Java , looks very simple because the location is just an old building, but there are several interesting places that can be used for taking pictures.

Even if it’s just an old building, but I’ve been really classic and very nice. No wonder there are so many tourists who feel they have to come to Jalan Asia Africa when they are in Bandung.

Previously, this area had the name of a postal road and visitors could enjoy a variety of buildings with historical nuances of silent witnesses of history in Indonesia, especially in the flower city. You don’t have to worry, as you can also enjoy different types of entertainment when you’re in that location.

You can also enjoy some local people who offer bike rental to be used around the road. It can also provide economic opportunities for locals and help tourists enjoy their holidays more.

Near jalan Asia Afrika Braga Bandung City, West Java, there is Wayang Ruhiyat

Not far from the Jalan Asia Afrika Braga area, it turns out that you can also come to the Ruhiyat Wooden Puppet Mask Puppet Gallery. Including one of the tourist attractions that are often visited by both local and external tourists. The exact location is on the author’s street or at the back of the Savoy Homann Hotel you will find  the Wayang Gallery.

There is no denying that Indonesia is one of the countries with many cultures and customs. It also contains wayang, which is one of the hallmarks of Javanese culture. So this doll gallery was officially founded in 1950 by the late Ruhiyat.

Ruhiat is one of the figures in the Bandung area with his love for wayang Dan passed on to his children to this point, namely Tatang Heryana. What can you find in the wayang gallery when you are in the city of Bandung?

So in this one place you can  see a variety of doll collections with a fairly large number or even hundreds. If you really like puppetry stories that are usually played by puppeteers, then you can try to see these different characters in the Ruhiyat doll gallery.

Due to the large collection of scents, this one place looks very interesting to use as an educational tour for children. Interestingly, there are several types of dolls that turn out to have names that use English.

Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung West Java

Jalan Asia Afrika Braga Bandung City is always full of historical stories that are very interesting for the people of Bandung and Indonesia. Indonesian independence is inseparable from the different types of history it contains. Folklore and some heroes certainly always offer their own value.

Similarly , if you come to Jalan Asia Africa Braga, that is in the city of flowers where the area is very full of different kinds of historical stories. So if you come to Jalan Braga, you can of course enjoy a variety of heritage buildings that are quite legendary. The classic old buildings seem to tell visitors about the interesting history of bandung city.

But actually jalan Asia Afrika Braga Kota Bandung, West Java , is not only classic old buildings, but visitors can also enjoy a variety of legendary culinary. For those of you who have never tasted the culinary food of the city of Bandung that has been around for a long time, you can try to get to Jalan Braga.

For those of you who want to find souvenirs for your family when they return from vacation, you can also come to the artisan souvenir center at the sinsin shop. This shop is very legendary and is widely known to tourists who often come to the city of Bandung. For example, the store has been established since 1993 and you can  make a shopping tour along Jalan Braga.

Jalan Asia Africa in the Braga area of Bandung offers its own story that is very interesting for the community. As one of the tourists you can  also enjoy different types of holiday spots in the area. So if you are coming to the area of Jalan Asia Africa Braga Bandung City Bandung, West Java, don’t forget to visit a variety of interesting tourist attractions.

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