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Recipe for the famous West Java plated noodles

The residents  of Bandung and surrounding him should be very popular with this famous  West Java battered noodle recipe. West Java, especially Bandung, is really famous for a  variety of very diverse and delicious recipes. Mi.e. sheikh is  one of the  tasty culinary  ingredients  , which is one of the tasty culinary ingredients, which is    It is popular not only in Bandung but also in various areas including Jakarta.

Whipped noodles  are a  typical West Javanese recipe consisting of noodles, bean sprouts, and giggle,  and then rinsed with  a thick tasty broth.   As a culinary supplement,  it is usually served with kikil, baso, mustard greens, leeks and  roasted  onions.    This recipe is best suited for eating in the winter or in the rain as it  will warm the stomach.

Although it’s a typical  West  Javanese cuisine, sellers of whipped noodles can now be found in different areas.   A serving of this dish  is usually sold at prices only between  Rp. 10,000  and  Rp  . 15,000.

But if you want to make your own at home, the recipe of these West Java-scored noodles isn’t really complicated.   Following are the  ingredients and steps you can make if you want to make your own noodles at home:

 Ingredients and condiments for making whipped noodles

To make this West Java cooking,  first  prepare  the ingredients and seasonings first.  There are  many  main ingredients and bumbu  taped noodles to make the recipe tasty and simple.  For more details,  see the following review:

Ingredients to be ready for:

  1. Wide egg noodles  500 g
  2. Raw bean sprouts  100 g
  3. Cow’s Foot (Kikhil)
  4. League and Celery
  5. Water to taste

 West Java’s usual shake for gravy seasoning:

  1. 4 pieces of gulf leaf
  2. Serai 3 sticks
  3. Two finger slices of ginger
  4. Garlic 5 cloves
  5. Small onion 5 pieces
  6. Flavoring to taste

You  can  also add complementary ingredients such as shrimp crackers and onion sauce  if needed.  To add as we do, you can  prepare roasted onions as a spray when serving  .   Don’t forget to  make chalk to add a new flavor to this West Java plated noodle recipe.

How to make steps and whipped noodles

How  to make this dish is not really complicated.   The key to enjoying this typical Bandung cooking  is in the soup and the ingredients should be fresh.   To make a delicious and simple  recipe for dishes, you can follow the methods  and instructions as follows:

  1. Prepare a cow kick

Clean the cow’s feet under running water until all the dirt and dust disappears. Then cook the cow’s feet in a pressure cooker for about an hour, so that they can be cooked softly and smoothly. You do not need to add any spices while boiling the cow’s feet, as they will be cooked again later.  Once it’s cooked, remove and strain.

  1. Whipped noodles soup ready

To soup this West Java plated noodle recipe, bring approximately 1.5 liters of water to a boiling point  .  Next, press  the  stems of  lemon grass, biryani leaf and ginger  into the water tincture.   Do not forget to place the legs of the cow pressed before making it more soft and cooked.

While waiting for the soup broth to boil, the soup is prepared for a good  seasoning.  Puree  the onions and garlic and then saute till the aroma comes out.   Next, place the cooked spices in the  gravy  and the broth of the cow’s feet.   Cook until you and  beef feet are fully cooked   , then add salt, sugar, pepper and flavor.

As a complementary ingredient,  prepare  egg  noodles and bean sprouts  by boiling them in boiling water  until it withered.  Next, prepare  a  serving bowl and  arrange all the  filling ingredients  cooked and washed with hot soup.  Sprinkle with  roasted   onions and add lemon  juice, which  will be very tasty and smooth.

The history of West Java is a recipe for noodles with a famous flavor

Residents of  Bandung and its surroundings  should be well aware of the cooking of beaten noodles.   The gulliner delicious combination  of  noodles, giggles and delicious soup doesn’t really  stop  the tongue from enjoying it.  But  do you already know what the history of this kitchen is,  and its taste is unquestionable?

Whipped  noodles  are  one of  the  culinary ingredients believed to have existed since 1958  .   The  very name  of the whipped noodles  is derived from the way it is served, which means that the noodles and bean sprouts are stirred  in a metal container  with holes in  a  metal container and then  dipped  in  water  to  cook  them to cook. This way of service is finally made to cook the typical West Java  cuisine   That makes whipped noodles.

The recipe of these West Javanese whipped noodles  has not changed from ancient times to the present.   This recipe  is  a  dish of yellow noodles  , which is equipped with a variety of ingredients such   as  beans sprouts, chopped kick, baso, leeks, celery, roasted onions and then watered  kuah beef broth is delicious and  thick  .   It will be even more stable  if combined with  spicy  chilli sauce and lemon juice.  The taste is guaranteed to shake your tongue.

The  uniqueness  of this typical West Javanese cuisine,  which has  been maintained  by the seller from the past  to the present,  is the form of a container for boiling noodles and bean sprouts. From the past to the present,  whipped noodle vendors use  metal  containers,  which are    They use holes  like small buckets with long handles to prevent  overheating.

Famous taped noodles recipes in Bandung

Whipped noodles  can now be enjoyed from anywhere, because there are many culinary vendors who have migrated to different parts  of the archipelago, such as Jakarta. However,  if you want to enjoy the recipe for the noodles beaten by the West Javanese,  That’s really true, the city of Bandung is a paradise.  There are  many famous cooking points that you should try in the flower city.

One of the   most popular places to eat this hot cooking in Bandung is  percipitated noodles.   This West Javanese cooking shop is located precisely  in  the parking area of Percipe Stadium in Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 262, Bandung City.  Here a serving of noodles along with delicious ribs and meat are sold only for RP 23,000.

Another of the best places to enjoy the recipe of regular whipped noodles from West Java is at  the Maang Thadeng shop.   This shop is located in Jalan Bandeng KH Ahmad Dahlan Number. 67.  Mykok Bandung Maang Thadeng is very popular because it has  a special seasoning consisting of 26 spices  and is a condiment of family tradition for generations to generation.

The  charm and charm of  Bandung  city is not only in the beauty of the city. However, the cuisine of the flower city  is famous for being delicious even in the remotest parts  of the archipelago, one of which is whipped noodles with a  famous delicious taste.   This West Javanese whipped noodle recipe is also not  too complicated, so  you  can try it yourself at home if you don’t have time to go directly to Bandung.

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