How to move to Manderi in BRI , don’t forget to use the code : DIMENSIKU

Mandy’s bank code and how to move from other banks

Working to facilitate the process of interbank transactions, all Indonesian banks have different codes.   It also  includes   manderbank code, which is often used by customers for transactions.   To use only the code when  you want to move it to another bank account.

In addition to our AT, when transactions are made through m bank or SMS, it also requires this code.   which  generally consists of a yes of three escalator numbers, and enter  t in The Manderi Bank.   In  addition to notifying the code , we  will also  provide  a general summary of transfers  to  Manderi  instead  of  ,  BCA , and THE NI .

This is the Manderbank code, required when interbank transactions

As with others , both codes in The Manderi  Bank  also consist of 3 upgrades .   On its own mander,  the code  is 008  , so when this   is transferred from another bank, 3 numbers  must  be added  at the  beginning of the destination account.

Sometimes  the question arises, what if you don’t add mandier bank code.  If this happens, the transfer of money between the bank cannot automatically perform.   This means that using three numbers must be done if  the target  account  is different from the kamu account.

We also advise when you don’t know bank code when using ATM.   You don’t have to worry, because Atmas also  includes  all  bank code.   So when  you  don’t know, you can search directly through our AT device.   But you can search for it on the search page if you want to be quick.

How to move to Manderi in BRI , don’t forget to use the code

The routes that can  be  used to transport them from The Manderi Bank to Barry A are as follows:

  1. بکەنێو Card

We’ll take the first example , which is the name of transferring naqda instead of to Manderi through our AT The  first step  is certainly as usual, to insert the card into the ATM.     Make sure the location is correct,  meaning  the Barry logo  is  on the bottom right.   Then select the desired language.

  1. Fill in PIN and select transaction type

The next step is to fill your card’s PIN.   Don’t forget to cover when filling, it can use another hand  to close.   If it is successful,  select  the “Other Transactions”  list.   Then select the transaction type “Move” on the new list view.

  1. Choose a bank and fill out the Destination Mandiri Account Number

Now is the time to choose the destination bank.   Press the button that  displays the “Other Banks” option.   You can now first  type manderbank code at the beginning of the target account.   That is,  type the number 008, and then add it  to the mander account number you want to go to.

  1. Nauyi Çeşekan

Next, fill in how many names  you want to send.   If the name is correct, select the “Right” menu.   Later, if there is no source number, you can pass this stage. When ATM displays details of the payment confirmation  and  is correct, then you only need to click the “Yes” option.

  1. Transaction completed, save transfer proof

You only have to  wait a little while  for the transfer process to  be performed successfully.   When the transfer bill  comes out, we recommend keeping it.   Don’t forget  to choose   “No” as well  .   Finally, click  the  “Cancel” button on the device, so that the ATM card  comes out and can take it home.

easy ways to move atatmsbc to Mandyre’s account

In addition to how to transport atmberia, there are also ways to transport it to ATMBCA, the method is as follows:

  1. Card and PIN دابنێ

First of course, insert your card into the device.   The location must not be wrong.   To be precise, go up and to the left  of whenthis first enters.  After that, fill the PIN as usual.   Don’t forget to cover it so that your  PIN security  is also secure.

  1. Mama ۵ۆک ٠٠

You can now  choose  the type of transaction  you want.   Select  “Other Transactions”. Because  it will be sent to another account, then select “Move” first.   After that, select only the “For another bank account” option.   Wait until a location appears to fill out the account and code.

  1. Enter destination account

As you work  in  Barry, you also need to sign in to the  Manderi Bank code.   To be careful,  add  “008”  at the beginning.   After that, just  fill out the bank account you’re going to  send some money.    An example of this 008xxxxxx (destination account).

  1. Type the amount you want to send

Next, when do you just  write down  the  amount of money you want to send?   Please note that you  will be paid more because  of  the bank transfer.   You can then see  the details of  the transaction.   Precisely  the  number of the account, the recipient’s name, and the  number you want to send.   Click  the  “Yes” or “OK” option  to complete.

  1. Save the origins of the deal

The delivery process  has been completed.   Next, just click Cancel on the device.   Don’t forget to  get the card that came out and saved it.   Also keep  the will  as  proof of a correct transfer.  So that if something is wrong, you have evidence to deliver it.

Transfer from BNTM , enter the bank’s Mandyer code before the destination account

There is  also a way to move  ATMSBNI  into the code at Manderi Bank, including:

  1. Intravenous card and deity of time

The initial process is the same as the others, meaning enter the card first.   Choose the language you want to use, you can use Indonesian.   Don’t forget  to fill the  PIN  you’re using.   Always remember to wear it with your hands.   To ensure that the card’s  security  is always secure.

  1. Specify the desired transaction type

Next, you can choose the type of transaction, called “Transfer”. The next selected menu is “Save Account”.   In the Transfer Location list  , click “To Rec. Other banks after that, you can first find the list of bank codes if you don’t really know.

  1. Fill in Code and Destination Account

After that, when will this   be  directed to write the target account. Because you already know the  Manderbank code, it means you will  initially fill it out before the account number.   For example, fill in “008” and then fill in the destination number  BNI account.   Example 008xxxxxx (destination DNA account).

  1. Fill the amount of money

Now type only the amount of money to be sent.   Of course, because it’s different  from the BNI to Mandyeri, you’re looking for additional costs.   The details of the transaction will then  appear   as the  name of the destination account owner, and the name money will be sent.  Click  the  “Yes” option  to complete the delivery transaction.

  1. Hold  a card  and keep proof

Finally, don’t forget to get your card.   That’s enough  to  press the  OL “cancel” grave on the device.   The card and proofing will then be automatically issued.   Of course take these two things.  Recipients  can  be saved to prove legal transactions if problems are found in the future.

As  originally mentioned, this Mandary bank code also works when  you  deal through M-Bank or SMS, for example, when the transfer is made through THE BNIM Bank.   We describe the  stages with a comment, certainly the  first time by  filling the MPD and MPN users.

After you have successfully accessed the M Bank account, select the “Transfer” menu.  Continue clicking the  Interbank option.   Now fill out the code, which has been added “008” with the target account.   Finally type the name to  send it.   Continue until the transaction is complete.   Then whenwill he also get transfer evidence that can be saved?

This is  certainly true when  transferring using an M-T bank.   For example ,  at MBarry Bank , BCA , CMB Niaga , and for example .  Where to add bank code should be done if   done from a different bank.   it is also applied to use manderbank code that should be added  when conducting transactions

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