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Telkomsel is the largest provider in Indonesia that provides the best service including halo card call center. Services are provided by utilizing various means or media for the convenience of users. It is hoped that various obstacles or information needed can be provided quickly and easily.

It turns out that even though Telkomsel users have many and some have even been for many years. It turns out that there are still customers who have difficulty when using their call center services for various reasons. As a loyal user or new customer, you should understand how to contact CS and what are the benefits.

Halo card call center is needed by customers to get various important information. The information obtained is more accurate because it comes from telkomsel company itself. So that it can be trusted, clear and not time-consuming because the response is also very fast.

Information About Telkomsel Halo Card At a Glance

Maybe you are no stranger to halo cards owned by the largest provider company in Indonesia, Telkomsel. The type of service provided is indeed slightly different because it is postpaid or use it first pay later. For more details in getting to know the Halo card, see the brief review below.

  1. What is a Halo card?

Halo Card is a postpaid network service provided by Telkomsel to all its loyal customers. You can use it for 24 hours as well as on various networks both 2G, 3G, 4G and the latest 5G prepared. There is also a Halo card call center service  that can be used to search for information officially.

  1. How to pay bills

Because the payment system is postpaid, you can use it first and then get paid later. You will get a bill at the end of each period in detail and according to use. There are many payment options such as via ATM, Internet Banking, My Telkomsel, GraPARI, Indomaret, Alfamart, LinkAJA, MyGraPARI and others.

  1. Halo card customers

There are often questions in the Halo card call center about who can be a customer. Everyone can register themselves as a new customer or an old Telkomsel user. The requirement must be to doactivities vasi with supporting data such as KTP, KK or other data needed.

  1. How to register as a customer

Information on how to register is also often sought after because they are interested in becoming a customer. It is not difficult for you to only need to register on Telkomsel registration channels such as GraPARI. It can also be on other official channels such as Telesales, Telkomsel Web based and various partners both offline and online.

Halo Card Call Center Number That Customers Can Contact

The importance of the function of the Halo card call center at least you must know the number that can be contacted. If at any time you want to use the service, there is no need to be confused about looking again because it has been stored in your contacts. Here are some numbers and guides on how to use the services of Telkomsel Kartu Halo.

  1. Telkomsel customer’s special number

Telkomsel customers can directly call number 188 at any time for 24 hours every day. For you postpaid card owners like Halo will not be charged or completely free. However, for prepaid card users such as Simpati, Loop and AS Card, a fee of Rp300 / phone is charged.

  1. Numbers for common questions

If you have a general question or are not a Telkomsel customer, you can call 080 718 118 11. There are call fees such as local calls so there is no need to worry if it costs a lot. You are directly connected to the Halo card call center and can ask questions in general.

  1. Number for overseas users

In addition to the two services above, Telkomsel provides special services for customers from abroad. Customers can make calls from abroad provided with a special number so as not to be charged at all (free). Just call +62 8110 000 333 and the service is open 24 hours a day.

  1. Non-phone number service

In addition to using a phone number, you can use other services such as email. Some options for how to connect a call center include:

  • Facebook : Facebook.com/Telkomsel
  • Twitter : Twitter.com/kartuHalo
  • Email : cs@telkomsel.co.id

You can also come to GraPARI directly during business hours to get the full information.

Examples of Information That Customers Can Ask If Contacting a Call Center

Anyone can contact the Halo card call center whether they are already a customer or not. Whatever information is asked will definitely be answered as well as possible by customer service. If you are confused about what information will be asked, see some examples of questions from the following customers.

  1. The disorder that is being experienced

If you experience a disorder such as a number can not be contacted, difficulty registering an internet package or difficulty poundingothers. Then you can immediately contact CS with various numbers as needed. That way the disorder can be overcome immediately and you feel comfort when using again.

  1. Some ways to check

Information about several ways of checking can also be done to contact the Halo card call center. For example, how to check your own number, check bills, check transactions, check offers and others. Don’t forget to record it so you don’t have to ask the same thing continuously to CS.

  1. Latest promos for users

Customers can also contact the CS service to get the latest profitable promos. For example, there is a frugal package promo then it’s a pity if you don’t use it so that the bill is cheaper. Don’t hesitate to ask for interesting promos so that you don’t miss it later.

Benefits of Using Halo Card User Call Center Service

Halo card call center is deliberately provided by Telkomsel to provide satisfaction to customers. It is hoped that any information and various obstacles can be solved by contacting this service. The many benefits provided are impossible to explain all of them and below are some of the most important benefits.

  1. Complete and clear information

Finding information related to the card used is sometimes not easy for various things and reasons. But by using this service you will get information more easily, quickly, completely and clearly. Because the information obtained is sourced directly from the company and not from other media.

  1. Problem or obstacle resolved

Professional and experienced customer service will help you overcome various problems or obstacles. So do not hesitate to contact our service because whatever the problem can be solved. For example, not knowing the last transaction check, forgetting your own number, registration difficulties, temporarily blocked cards, and various other obstacles.

  1. Can submit a complaint

We are always open to various criticisms, suggestions and complaints from customers in order to maintain quality. You can submit a complaint by contacting the call center with various ways. So just say it by using a good Indonesian, polite, clear and understandable by customer service.

In Indonesia, Halo Card users are already very many and evenly distributed in various regions because the network is very good. To improve service and maintain customer satisfaction provided special services. Customers are given the freedom to contact the Halo card call center if they need information or address various problems.

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