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Coolpad  Service Center Location  and How to Claim Warranty

Information related to the presence  of the  Coolpad Service Center  is important for you to know, especially for users or customers.  The Coolpad smartphone itself is not widely known to the wider community but it has a fairly large market behind it.  It is no surprise that so many  service centres are provided for customers.

Gadded, especially in the use of smartphones, is sometimes damaged by other factors, including either use or production errors. To solve this type of problem, you need a service center to make repairs.  If the product is still covered by the warranty, then undoubtedly users do not even need to spend extra expenses.

Today smartphones or smartphones themselves have an important role to play and provide many benefits for human life in various aspects. If there is any harm, it can undoubtedly interfere with your work and communication needs. If this happens, repair the phone immediately  so that the damage does not get worse.

In addition to the service center, of course, there are many other places of repair that you can use to repair smart phones. But it is not necessary to trust the place and be able to do the game well. Of course, in this ordinary service space, you cannot even claim a warranty.

Any loss and replacement of smartphone parts is fully borne by the selector even if the product is still under warranty. For   this reason, you should be entrusted with the responsibility of repairing a smartphone located  in  one of the nearest Coolpad service centers.  The number of seva kendra shops from Coolpad has also   spread to  several major cities.

Coolpad Service Center in Jakarta

As the center of government, Jakarta is also Indonesia’s largest commercial city. No wonder there are so many smartphone brands out there that provide service centres in this city including Coolpad.  For the full address of the existence of the Coolpad Smartphone Repair Center, you can find out through the following lists:

You   can head directly to Roxy Mass ITC Ruko Aga to serve as well  as  to claim a repair warranty. The exact location can be found in block C5 and its number is 12A.  The street address that you  can find through  intrnet  is  Jl Kyai Haji Hashim Ashri in Jakarta Pusa Tea, 10150.

You  can also contact the store by calling 021-6330155. If you want to go directly, pay attention to the closing times, which are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Those of you who now use Coolpad smartphones around Jacart don’t have to get confused looking for an address anymore.

Coolpad Service Centre Jakarta is also the largest in Indonesia to  guarantee the availability of  stock and spare parts. As for the quality of service, it also continues to meet all warranty claims without lasting long as your product is still in the warranty period and  meets the  specified criteria.

If you are still confused about how to make a warranty claim, you can immediately  visit the nearest service center and will be directly guided later.  However, we  have  also prepared a special discussion related to the procedures for claiming a warranty with tips and tricks  so that your smartphone warranty can be accepted   .

Coolpad Service Center West Java Location

Ascertaining the status of a brand’s service center is indeed an important matter. You should also consider  what else is an electronic product including a mobile phone before buying a product.  In addition to being in Jakarta, you  can also find Coolpad service centers located in  other cities across Indonesia.

There are two locations in two different cities  if you  want to service or repair your phone through an official  location  . First of all you can go to Bandung city to visit the location of the official repair and after-sales service center.  Since it is the provincial capital, the approach is, without a doubt, much easier to access.

For the full address, it is on  Jalan Purnavarman  with numbers ranging from 13 to 15.  It  is even easier  for you to  find  it in  The Banding Mall Beck 2  and it is  right on Lower Ground W15.  If you want to repair, this place is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In addition to being in Bandang, there are also some other places you can visit and maybe get closer.  The next address or location  is in the city of Bogor and no doubt those of you who live around Bogor will have easier access.  The operating hours are also  similar to coolpad service center banding.

You can go straight to Hor Jaya  , which  is located at Jalan Classic No. 1  .  If you want to ask questions, the number that can be contacted 007876154071.  There are still some service center locations that may be closer to the city you live in, so, keep reading this discussion.

Coolpad Service Center Central Java Location

Then enter  the Central Java Province PR as there are also two places where you can go to do repairs or claim the HP Coolpad warranty.  Without any further interruptions, below we  have prepared  the  address and location  related  to the Coolpad Service Center that you need.

The first location where you can go is in the city of Semrang, which is on jalan iman bonjol number 40 Semrang whose telephone number 3556039 024.  For customers who live in and around Semrang city, there is no need to be confused about finding a service centre address now as  the  location is easily accessible.

The next address is also another city in Central Java, named Purvocarto and in the center of the city. For details, the address itself is on Jalan Jend Sudirman number 1048. The address is also easy to find as the bank is right opposite the Mandiri branch office, PurvCity O’ Kerto .

In almost all the provinces of Indonesia, a Coolpad service center is now available, so you don’t have to worry about buying the latest smartphone products. The services  provided by  each branch are also very capable. Not only repairs, you can also make warranty claims with easy terms and conditions.

Coolpad Service Center Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions

A smartphone brand that is serious and has commitment definitely needs after-sales service. Coolpad is not limited to providing service center locations in every major city of  Indonesia  , but isalso committed to providing the best service to customers. Similarly for those customers who want to claim the warranty.

How to claim a smartphone warranty is actually very common and almost all brands have it. However, there are certain terms and conditions that you must follow if you wish to obtain a warranty. The first condition is that the purchase of products through authorized outlets or stores either online or go directly to the store.

If you purchase a product with a distributor warranty, you can only give the warranty to the distributor and not directly to the authorized service center.  The next condition or KE of course is that there is no who man error   when the goods are used.  If the phone is indicated to fall off or come into contact with water, the warranty does not apply.

As a result, it is very important to pay attention to after-sales service when you buy  a smart phone product. Not only that, you also have to pay attention to the terms and conditions so that you can make a warranty in case  one of   the coolpad service centers mentioned  earlier is  damaged.

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