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CIMB Call Center Farewell  to Apply  for Credit Card

CIMB Niaga call centre is an excellent feature and service that customers can use when they experience various problems regarding transactions through CIMB Bank. For those of you who have been using the services of this bank personally,  you can certainly be sure that you have found satisfaction in various transactions.

Historically, the Commercial Bankwas first establishedon 26 September 1955. At the beginning of its establishment, the private bank used the name Bank Niaga until in 2018 the bank’s name was changed as we have always known.

From year to year, it is an undeniable fact that CIMB Bank has witnessed many journeys, achievements, and various strategic milestones. By 1987, the private bank had distinguished itself from its competitors by becoming the first bank to offer banking services using ATM machines.

Apart from services through ATM machines, various other services offered by CIMB banks have also been highly technologically advanced.   All these allowances also continue from year to year by continuing to introduce various other online banking services.

Best Products from Commercial Bank

To date, Niaga Bank has produced a wide range of banking services. For those who are eager and interested in offering a variety of products, then for now you can try to access all this information via the CIMB Niaga call center.

One of the products that you can get from this private bank is on its credit card. CIMB bank credit card products are actually very popular because they offer a wide range of tools and conveniences in transactions to their customers. In addition, this one product also offers a wide variety of interesting promos.

For those who are interested, several credit card  information products  as well as annual dues from CIMB Niaga call centers include berikut. For the first time it is on the CIMB Niaga Air Asia BIG Card with the first annual fee at the Rp. rate of 350.000 and the following year Rp. 150.000,-

Then the CIMB Niaga Visa Platinum card range with an Rp. 600,000 fee in the first year and an Rp. 300,000 tariff the following year. Third, a CIMB Niaga Mastercard Platinum card with a tax of 0 rupees in the first year, and a tax of Rs. 300,000 in the following year.

Four Visa Gold Commerce cards cost Rp. 250,000 at the beginning of the year and the following year Rp. 150,000,-. For the latter, CIMB Niaga Mastercard Gold card at the rate of 0 rupees and Rp. 150,000 in taxes the following year.

CIMB Niaga Call Center Service

Every service provided by the call center is very  good, this is undoubtedly because  Niaga  Bank  is very committed to protecting the personal data of each of its customers. All data entered during the submission process is protected using a variety of encryption technologies. In addition, the use of advanced security also complements each service.

Although of course all devices and services at CIMB Niaga call center protect the personal  data of  its customers, but never forget to use several tips in maintaining the security of personal data. Some of the tips you can apply include the following.

First,never wish to disclose personal information. Don’t even provide information data such as passcodes, ID card numbers, selfie photos, NPWP numbers, and so on. Also keep the OTP code secret. Never forward a code via SMS or email to parties onyour behalf.

Through various media, never forget to use personal data through an array of comments. Be careful with the rise of media palsaccounts u. See firstthe social account med ia which you find completely verified such as CIMB Niaga call center.

Always use the official app that is already available on the Play Store, besides that beware of other questionable links that may steal all customer data. To the end, you can keep your personal data safe by constantly updating your account’s password.

Benki Niaga Credit Card Facility

After the above explain somep roduk about the CIMB credit card, then what are the materials and benefits when using the card?. Again, through  the CIMB Niaga call center service, you will get all the information quickly and completely.

There are several logistical advantages and benefits involved as follows. The first is in the free fee of its annual dues. You can get this free fee from credit card and Visa and Wave n Go logos. On a card with the Visa logo, you will get this fee waiver for the first 2 years.

The next benefit comes from a permanent phase facility. With this benefit, you can convert your transactions into set phases with a phase period of 3, 6, to 12 months via the Internet or mobile banking. Then there are also the benefits in the form of bonus points and quick payouts.

You want to know more about the benefits of bonus points and quick payouts, then you can try to get information through the CIMB Niaga call center service. In addition, there are also advantages in cash withdrawal transactions. This excellent card product has been equipped to withdraw money through ATMs.

Regarding the latter, the benefits come from OTOPAY. Through this facility, you can automatically complete the credit card billing processes from the savings account at International Merchant Bankers. Of course, you can deposit the payment amount freely each month (min 10%).

Bank Credit Card Application Niaga

By becoming a CIMB bank credit card customer, there will undoubtedly be many benefits gained because the brand continues to offer many interesting promos such as entertainment, shopping activities, travel activities, and many more. For more information, you can view it through the Niaga Call Center.

For those who want to apply for a credit card, here are some of the requirements required when applying for a credit card online.  For minimum age nyes, the required requirement for prospective credit card holders is 21 years old. The highest is at 65 years of age.

For additional card holders, the minimum required age requirement is 17 years of age. Regarding the final requirement, prospective clients are allowed to obtain citizenship of Indonesian citizens or foreigners. Due to income requirements, CIMB credit card applications can start from revenue worth Rp. 4,000,000 to Rp. 7,500,000 depending on the credit card class.

No need to be confused, the process of applying for a CIMB credit card is very simple. Aside from the fact that all of the above requirements are still common, the required documentation is actually quite easy to complete. Required documents such as identity photocopys, salary slippage, copies of savings accounts, NPWP, Professional Licenses, and initiation actions.

After getting various information about credit card equipment and services above, the more interested you are  to  start applying for karu tersebut. If you are finally interested, then you can try contacting  CIMB Niaga call center or coming directly to the bank.

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